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Driver Statement
Sent to driver directly. Outlines all transactions (fuel purchase, servicing, tyres). Additionally shows running cost budgets vs. actual and YTD budgets vs. actual and overall position.


Client Vehicle Listing
This report shows all vehicles listed for that client, vehicle and lease
term details.


Imminent Expiry Report
Shows all lease vehicles due to expire within the next 6 months. Ensures replacement vehicles have been ordered.


Projected Term & Klms Report
Shows all vehicles for our clients. Lists which vehicles are under or over utilised and where their lease will finish and where it should finish. This gives our clients an opportunity to recalculate leases and or redistribute vehicles.


Novated Package Overview Report
For clients with novated lease employees. Gives the employer an overview of all driver novated leases and which are in credit or deficit. This allows our clients to take action with employees who are in deficit to ensure the driver recalculates their lease. This is important for the employers as they are debited for the driver reconciliation when their lease either ends.


Fuel consumption report
Can be issued for an Operating Lease client and shows all fuel transactions for clients vehicles for a monthly period.


We have many options to

manage your reports

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