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Our Values

Great Customer Service Customer service is at the forefront of Endeavour Fleet. Giving the time required and listening to your requirements will ensure the best solution for all your fleet needs. 



Honesty in business represents our long term commitment to our customers. With this value in mind we will strive to create our customers for life.

There will be no surprises at any point of your fleet management or our business relationship. This method will ensure our business has the highest customer retention in the fleet management sector.

Your opinion of us
As your business grows we also grow. Understanding your opinion allows Endeavour Fleet to mould our business in the best way to service our customer’s needs. We always respect the options of our customers.

  • We listen

  • We respond

  • We care about you, our environment, and your community.

  • We will provide a solution for you.

  • We strive to be the best we can be for every customer




Every new business starts

with a sharp idea

Endeavour Fleet Management is a vibrant new venture formed by long term customers of big fleet providers. We have made a commitment to be green from the start. Providing you with the option to be carbon neutral.

Call Us Now: (02) 9524 1233​​

For client login please click this button

For client login please click this button

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