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Operating Lease
Fleet Management, Vehicle Fleet Management

Endeavour's Operating Lease removes the asset from your business balance sheet, freeing up your working capital. The vehicles residual liability is passed to Endeavour Fleet saving you time and effort in on-selling the asset for the residual amount. Your lease payments are typically tax deductable, as well as the vehicles running costs.

A Novated Lease is a three way agreement between you, your employer and Endeavour Fleet. By entering into a Novated Lease you can transfer the obligations of the lease to your employer. See Endeavour Fleet for information on saving money with a Novated Lease. We also have practical guidance to make this process easier.

Novated Lease
Fleet Management, Vehicle Fleet Management

Are you sick and tired of spending time and money running your vehicle fleet? Let Endeavour Fleet take the hassle away. By choosing some or all of our fleet services
you will be able to concentrate on your
core business.


Fleet Management
Fleet Management, Vehicle Fleet Management
Fleet Management, Vehicle Fleet Management
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Endeavour Fleet can help with this process by providing advice and information to ensure that the right purchase decision is made. This information can potentially reduce on going vehicle costs, environmental impact, provide safety ratings and ensure the right finance choices are made for your business needs.

We can help you select

the right vehicle

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